The Dream : Everything matters

Dear friend

Here’s hoping that all is well with you. I write to you concerning THE DREAM. Now you don’t need much introduction to this one Sir, after all you are its own author.

I wanted to remind you that this dream depends heavily and solely on you and I. The things that we do, big or small. The decisions we make, on this and that. The choices we are faced with, here and there. The company we keep, close and far. EVERYTHING matters.

Most importantly, when we are going to think these things through, let us open not just the windows of our soul, search ourselves thoroughly and think twice, but let us look for the voice of God speaking to us through our own spirit. Yes, I said look for the voice. Make much sense??? It will. You see we are the mirror and reflection of God’s own mind, made in His image to fulfill a destiny unique to our individual purpose and working together for the ultimate purpose of God.

Thank God we have discovered what we were brought here to do. But then again that alone is not enough. We have already decided to be complete failures of the education we were raised to uphold, but you and I both, know we cannot disappoint our profession. We are the future Sir. Of the nation. Of the entrepreneurs. We hold the future of many others in our hands and God has blessed us abundantly with sharp minds, precise execution and a passion that bleeds crying out to be set free by the occurrence of our own endeavors. We have set the level and we have drawn the map upon which we shall journey, therefore, gird your loin soldier, we are yet to war.

I am reminded of the story in Isaiah of the 3 men who were sick of the palsy and had been cast out of the city for the safety of all who had remained under the divine health of their God. They were helpless in their state, and yet they saved the nation. The enemy heard them walk towards their camp, and much to my surprise they saw a mighty army and heard mighty thunderous footsteps. You know why? It is because the good Lord fought on their side. They are many a story of how this same God saved His own and performed ridiculous miracles, that don’t make sense even to this day. Let me say to you, that the same God is still alive today. And we my friend, are fighting on His side. “Greater is He in us than he who is in the world.”

We have all we have ever needed and much more. He shall supply us with our needs and grant us more than in our wildest dreams. Let us follow this Lord diligently and remain faithful to his command, “love one another as I have loved you.” God speaks and He is still speaking. Let Him take priority in our life.

Once the Prophet of God said, if you want to have an indicator of your relationship with God, begin a small project e.g. a garden. You will know when your plants are healthy that God is happy with you and He is blessing you in everything. On the day your plants fall sick, check yourself and be quick to correct yourself. Well what can I say, we have that garden and we will know if we are in right standing with our creator whenever we need to. However, let us not anticipate for our plants to be plagued but rather that we may harvest from them time and time again.

Remember also, that the Word of God is like rain, it will not return to Him void, without doing that which it was purported to do. I am sure that He has declared me a success and until the day I manifest success that Word will not die. Stand firm in your own belief of who He has made you and watch for the day so you can have a testimony of His goodness.

Lastly friend, know that I love you and treasure you in my life. Be sure that you are in it for a good purpose and that never will you loosen your grip. Continue to be the mentor, teacher, comforter and great man that you are and we will cross the finishing line together.

Sincerely yours,