My Mum My Super Hero

  And the story goes on… I wished I had grown up in that period, to understand if patriarchy was always such a let down to the second sex or it was meant for pure good, before an evil villain twisted the plot for selfich reasons. I remember talking to SweBhule and she made very […]

My mum My super hero

The Continuation.. Sadly, the new order of my life didn’t turn out to be for my good,  as I jumped from one guy to another seeking some sort of validation, to become complete, to be reminded of how pretty I looked, how much he was needing me or why he liked me.  Oh, how I […]

My Mum My Super Hero

When I was growing up,my dad was my hero. I wanted to walk, talk and be like him.He was the standard I wanted to follow. He was also the first man who broke my heart. I was in the fifth grade and I wanted a new pair of school shoes and he promised me he […]

The do or The die

There was always an easy way out. The one that made everybody that cared about you happy. It was a way that would make my mama proud and my dad nod.  It seemed to me to be the die in the do or die and each time the contemplation brought me to my bed and I […]

The thing I really want is to be happy

Yes, happiness. It has become number one on my list of wanted! And they say it is a state of mind. How then can I attain it when I relive the cold tendencies in this crooked world in the solitude of my mind? How can I convince my brain that the bad things all around […]


Today you texted. You called me baby. Again! Sometimes you say, “my love” or “sweetheart”. I will admit how much I love the name calling. Asking you to stop would be like asking you to not be you, I guess. I read your text. Once. Two times. Thrice. Man, I can’t stop smiling. I float […]